- Takes Orders for You
  - Processes Credit Cards
  - Recurring Billing Systems
  - Affiliate Program Mgmt
  - Digital Ebook Delivery
  - Autoresponders
  - Works with any Host
  - Customer Database
  - Pop Up Window Maker
  - UPS Shipping Module
  - Web Based Admin
  - Secure Shopping Cart
  - Email Notifications
  - Inventory Tracking
  - Buyer Registration
  - Survey Form
  - Ad/Revenue Tracking
  - Referral Script
  - Unlimited Broadcasting
  - Coupon Module
  - Delivers Your Products
  - And Much, Much More!



In less than 60 minutes from now you
can be set up to take credit card orders
in real time, accept checks, sign up resellers,
and send out automated email sequences
- everything but the kitchen sink -

Process your credit card orders real time even if you're in a foreign country.

Ultimate Automation allows you to process credit cards real time through the payment gateway via your merchant account.

Recurring billing options are available as well!

Upsell at the point of purchase

The easiest time to make another sale is at the very moment the customer is ordering from you. That is called an up sell. Why? Because you're upping the dollar amount of the sale.

It's the old "would you like fries with that burger" trick. In the special report you receive when you sign up as a paying customer, I'll show you the simple method I use that works 80%+ of the time in my business. Your results may vary.

Accept checks in addition to credit cards

It definitely pays to take checks online. The key is to make it easy. And Ultimate Automation does just that. It's easy for the customer and easy for you.

Send sequences of follow up emails to your customers, prospects, potential resellers and existing resellers.

The power of follow up is amazing. But until now, trying to automate a follow up system that kicks in when people order your products or sign up for your reseller program has been a total hassle. But now it all happens automatically and flawlessly. Setting up your autoresponders is a piece of cake, too!

Automate the digital delivery of your ebook or software program

With the digital delivery option, you can now sell ebooks, .PDF documents, and software programs too.

Once a customer buys a product from the shopping cart, they get immediate access to their purchase(s) and also receive the download instructions automatically by email.

Add Web Trends Live to your order form and obtain extremely accurate unique visitor, return visitor and sales per page, reseller and referral URL statistics.

You have statistics that show moment your unique visitors, return visitors, sales and revenue generated per page, referral URL and so forth. You are required to pay Web Trends fee for this service. The thing is, many shopping cart and associate programs can't integrate with them. However, with Ultimate Automation, for a small custom programming fee, we'll put the Web Trends Live code on the secure order page that sits on our servers.

The beauty of this feature is you don't have to hunt down your sales over here, poke around in your notebook for your ftp password so you can download your logs from your host, open a stats program and process the logs, calculate dollar amounts and then try to figure out your unique visitors and revenue per visitor! In a glance it's all done for you!

Automatically sign up resellers for your products. Track sales for 3 years across multiple domains and multiple product purchases.

Reseller programs can get very competitive. Now you can have an edge. The system uses "cookies" to track prospects for 3 years. So let's say someone clicks on one of your reseller's links and visits your web site. Then, 1 1/2 years later they purchase. If they do it from the same computer and IP Address, the system will credit the original reseller.

Then, if that same customer comes back 6 months later and makes another purchase, it tracks that sale back to the original reseller so you can pay a commission on the repeat sale. You don't have to. But you have the ability to. Finally, you can set up your products on separate domains and still track commission for resellers. This is a huge advantage over many other programs that tie you down to one domain.

Also, you have the freedom to establish a one-level or two-level program, whichever you prefer.

Move to a new web host anytime you want without headaches

Web hosts come and go and the quality fluctuates. A host that is efficent this month might totally suck six months from now. Most associate program software is installed on your host's servers. Which means the whole installation has to be done again if you change web hosts. That's a major ordeal.

With Ultimate Automation, it's all done through the shopping cart. So you put your web site up at any host. Then just link to the shopping cart and you're done. Kiss a sorry web host goodbye before they can spit out the words "See ya!" You'll never be chained to poor performance and lousy customer service again.

Perform special limited offer promotions with ease

Set up new products in 60 seconds

In some associate programs, you cannot set up your own order forms because of the complex code involved.

That means you have to pay exhorbitant fees to the company for the service. Or you have to bet and plead just to get them to set up a new order form. And heaven forbid you should ever want to make a change to it.

With Ultimate Automation, you can launch a new product in about 60 seconds!

Subscribe and unsubscribe people to your ezine or email list automatically

It's a major hassle if you have to manage subscribe and unsubscribe requests manually. It's just one more thing you don't have time to do.. And you don't need to do it because Ultimate Automation does it for you. That means you can squeeze in more time with your spouse, kids, business, or favorite activity.

You'll need a merchant account to do this if you don't have one. We can help you get set up with a merchant account if you need one. There is a fee of $395.00 to sign up with if you don't already have an account with them. works with 99% of the merchant banks. But you do need to verify you can clear transactions through them.


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