- Takes Orders for You
  - Processes Credit Cards
  - Recurring Billing Systems
  - Affiliate Program Mgmt
  - Digital Ebook Delivery
  - Autoresponders
  - Works with any Host
  - Customer Database
  - Pop Up Window Maker
  - UPS Shipping Module
  - Web Based Admin
  - Secure Shopping Cart
  - Email Notifications
  - Inventory Tracking
  - Buyer Registration
  - Survey Form
  - Ad/Revenue Tracking
  - Referral Script
  - Unlimited Broadcasting
  - Coupon Module
  - Delivers Your Products
  - And Much, Much More!



After 10 day to 2 weeks, I send my customers a survey asking for feedback on the product they purchased.

This smokes out dissatisfied customers, actually increases customer satisfaction and helps me perform market research.

The cool thing is it's a no-brainer with Ultimate Automation because it happens automatically.

Below is a diagram that shows how our questionnaire form integrates with your website.

Once a customer fills in the form, they are automatically entered into your client database. They can also be automatically subscribed to your multi-follow up autoresponder system.

In the report you'll get as a paying customer, I reveal the simple little trick I use to get tons of people to fill out the survey.

It works like magic.

In that report, I explain all the psychology. But in short, when people articulate their satisfaction witha product, it actually INCREASES their satisfaction.

I have a master's degree in psychology, so I know these little tricks.

One of your objectives, then, is to get your customers to tell you in their own words why they think your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread and why they'd be happy to refer people to you!

Ultimate Automation automatically sends then follows up the returned survey with one or more responses.

I've got a whole system for doing this.

To see the questionnaire form at work, click on the link below.

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